What are specialty medications? These are medications designed to treat complex conditions, such as chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders. They often require unique handling, strict temperature controls, and specialized administration techniques. At SandsRx, we specialize in these extraordinary medications, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and attention.

Why choose us? It's simple. We're a family-owned business with a big heart. Your health isn't just a business transaction to us, and you're not just a customer. You are an extension of our family. We strive to ensure you get nothing less than the care you'd expect from loved ones.

Our seasoned team of pharmacists and health care experts is ready to guide you seamlessly through your treatment. Navigating a complex condition can be daunting, but with our support—from coordinating medications to assisting with insurance—you're never alone. Our motto says it all: "Family that takes care of family." Thank you for allowing us to be your trusted partner in your health care journey.


Our dermatology pharmacy program streamlines clinical expertise and reimbursement assistance programs.


At SandsRx Pharmacy, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our community by providing exceptional care in the field of immunology.


Fertility treatments can be expensive and difficult to navigate. So it’s no wonder that many people throughout the United States turn toward SandsRx Pharmacy

Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders

“Bleeding disorder” is used to describe a wide range of medical conditions that result from poor blood clotting and result in bleeding.


We work closely with Neurologists and their patients to guide them through the complexities involved with medication management for neurologic conditions.