Not only do we have 4 accreditations but we’re also members of 3 organizations:

The Professional Compounding Centers of America is a leading organization dedicated to advancing our pharmacy with access to cutting-edge compounding innovations, educational resources, and a network of compounding professionals to ensure we deliver the highest quality customized medications to our patients. More detailed information can be found at: pccarx.com

Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding is a vital organization that brings together various stakeholders in the compounding industry, promoting collaboration and advocacy to protect and advance the practice of pharmacy compounding, ensuring our pharmacy’s ability to provide safe, individualized medications to meet our patients’ unique healthcare needs, while also staying informed about regulatory changes and emerging industry issues. More detailed information can be found at: a4pc.org

The National Home Infusion Association is a crucial organization for our pharmacy, as it fosters the growth and improvement of home infusion services, offering us opportunities to stay updated on best practices, quality standards, and industry trends to enhance our home infusion services, providing patients with convenient, safe, and effective healthcare solutions in their own homes. More detailed information can be found at: nhia.org

The accreditations and participation in several organizations serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to your well-being, assuring you that when you choose our pharmacy, you are choosing a partner dedicated to your health, safety, and satisfaction.